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2016.11.03~ November Festivals in the Fukuno Area

As autumn embraces Nanto city, cooling temperatures are celebrated with various festivals and events.

In the Fukuno area, the Nanto Chrysanthemum Festival is held from November 3rd to November 13th. As a representative chrysanthemum festival in Toyama Prefecture, it offers around 30,000 flowers in competition and draws enthusiasts from Toyama and other cities.

The Fukuno Taro Festival, held on Labor Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, represents gratitude for the taro harvest. Here, you can enjoy the traditional folk songs and wind instruments while eating the festival’s many delicious taro-based offerings such as taro soup, taro onigiri, and taro croquettes. The festival attracts people from both inside and outside the city, some of whom buy taro to present as a gift for the coming new year.