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2018.03.01 Enhanced hospitality in the Three-Star Road area of Hokuriku, Hida and Shinshu (Simplified Wi-Fi connecting procedure)

The area that stretches from Kanazawa to Gokayama, Shirakawa-go, Takayama, and Matsumoto that are home to tourism resources such as World Heritage Sites or National Treasures with 3-star ratings in the Michelin Green Guide Japan is an extended tourist route called the“Three-Star Road of Hokuriku, Hida and Shinshu,” and is a popular destination among many foreign tourists to Japan.
Five municipalities on the Three-Star Road of Hokuriku, Hida and Shinshu (Kanazawa city, Nanto city, Shirakawa village, Takayama city, and Matsumoto city) have formed an alliance to develop free public Wi-Fi networks. These networks use Japan Wi-Fi to simplify the connecting procedure (which previously used to require registration of email address at each location of use) to enhance hospitality for foreign tourists.