Mitsuboshi Kaidouu Hokuriku Hida Shinsyu Three-star Road


Recommended Model Plans

There are a variety of attractions along the Three-star Road.
Why not visit as many sites as possible to see distinctive landscapes, have special experiences, and savor the food?

Cultural Tours

Kaga-yuzen Kimono-wearing Experience

Kaga-yuzen is traditionally dyed silk decorated with realistic motifs from nature. You can try on Kaga-Yuzen kimono in Kanazawa.

Villages of Thatched-roof Houses

Gokayama, where there are thatched-roof houses that are still inhabited, is referred to as a “Living World Heritage”.

Gassho-styled Minkaen Open-air Museum

Here, Japanese traditional culture based on living close to nature has been preserved, and can be seen and experienced by the public.

Historical Townscape

Takayama is located in a mountainous area with many ancient temples and other old wooden buildings.

Soba-Making Workshop

Soba is a typical food of Japan. You can try your hand at making soba noodles in Matsumoto.

Active Tours

Mountain Trekking

You can enjoy trekking in scenic spots such as Kamikochi and Utsukushigahara heights.

Food & Culture Walk

You can visit long-established shops and enjoy the traditional flavors of Takayama.

Castle Tower Observatory Deck

The observatory deck allows you to see a different landscape of Shirakawago villages at each time of year.

Sakuragaike Climbing Center

This is one of the largest bouldering spots in Japan, enjoyed by both beginner and advanced climbers.

Omicho Market

This market, where fresh fish and vegetables are sold, is affectionately known as the “citizens’ kitchen”.